Jan. 4th, 2009


Jan. 4th, 2009 08:04 pm
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i have just had the worst bedtime ever with Nicholas.  he point blank refused to stop playing wiht his lego and gt ready for bed. so i took it from him, in the process it disintegrated, and put it on a high shelf.  he followed me and hit me and yelled and hit me some more.

i dragged him into his room, kicking and screaming and took his clothes off him.  coulnd't get his pj's on him, and he ran upstairs. so i dragged him back down and took him into the bathroom and brished his teeth. well, waved his toothbrush around inside his mouth.

then basically left him lying on his floor.  thomas is in bed being good, of course.

i did all this while drenched in sweat from the almost constant hot flushes that i've been experiencing now for the last couple of weeks.  not to mentiuon the exhaustion post herceptin, which also seems to be a constant these days.

and we took Bill to the airport this afternoon.  he's back on friday. 

wish me luck, i'm going to need it
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there is silence down below.

(did i mention that this house has the most sensible layout?  bedrooms downstairs (except for ours) and living rooms upstairs where we can appreciate the view)

they have summer school tomorrow, the school bus is coming for them at 8.35.  Nico is doing basic Kinder curriculum for two weeks, but TT got to choose his classes, so he is doing cookery, martial arts and swimming.

after they leave i have to race to the bank with large amounts of cash.  we transferred money from BoS over a week ago but it hasn't turned up, so we have been taking out our total cash allowance every day.  the first car payment plus the rent and the summer school fees are all due.

and Bill is away.

oh and i have to go for an ECG tomorrow too.

off to bed, to turn the fan up to full


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