Jan. 14th, 2009

thereyougothen: (me & boys)
there are pictures, many taken with the 8 year old's birthday present camera. will try and post them tomorrow.

i have been really exhausted today, the tiredness has been really debilitating, i have driven into the city twice today, so that might have something do do with it. either that or the realisation that I have been a mother for 8 years.

the kittens (Clair and Christopher, both named by TT) are probalby not litter mates. Clair is 1.5 kilos, pure black and very very timid. Christopher is tiny, 850 grams, and a wee shite of the highest order.

Quirk is pretty pissed off. I have separated the kittens and Quirk for the night, but I think tomorrow I might encourage Q to beat the boy up a bit! He's not at all shy, and my dad caught him whacking his big sister. Hmmm. Need to get him put in his place!

my mum and dad arrived yesterday - did I remember to mention that? they love it here! Milagros asked me why they are only staying for 3 weeks....


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