Mar. 3rd, 2009


Mar. 3rd, 2009 08:42 pm
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this is hilarious, look, their mummy dresses them alike!


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I got a phone call this evening. It was N's teacher, wanting to know how he got on at football. She said she had taken him there herself, and spoken to the coach, explained that he didn't speak spanish (after school sports teachers often only have basic english conversation skills) and that he was pretty sensitive, so could they look after him.

I found that interesting, becasue what I didn't mention in the email to the principal et al was that N told me he had tried to tell the teacher that he needed the toilet but the teacher didn't understand him, so he in his words "had to wet his pants".

Pretty crap, eh? And even crapper now that I know his teacher had spoken to the coach before they started. my poor little boy.

so anyway, i told Miss A all about the picking up fuckup, and she told me that she's been at the school "forever" and the procedure has always been that kids get picked up in the international park (green space in the centre of school campus)

I wonder how long it will take to get a response to my email? and I can't help but wonder if the reason teacher phoned was becasue she was asked to by principal?

but still, my poor kid. they won't be going back to football, which is a shame becasue N is really good, and could get a lot better, playing with local kids. ah well.

we'll see how tomorrow's lessons go. the school won't know what hit them if even the tiniest thing goes wrong. my patience is exhausted.


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