Mar. 5th, 2009

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If anyone thinks I'm overreacting here, please tell me. Maybe I'm just over-sensitive since my kids still aren't totally comfortable at the school. But you know, neither am I, and I think that they aren't taking as good care of my kids as they should be. And they're getting the best part of £10,000 per annum to do it. (ok, that bit's not relevant to the current situation, but it just slipped out)

To make sense of my response, I've copied the email I got today before mine...

Email to me )

My response: )

Aargh. And each of these emails has been copied to the elementary principal. He hasn't acknowledged my emails AT ALL. I understand that he wants his staff to deal with it, but I am asking questions about POLICY. That's not for his staff to answer. And no matter what, the courtesy of an acknowledgment is just good manners.


Nico and I had a great afternoon today. Thomas had computer club, but N finished at 2.25. We went and bought him a new pair of flashing trainers, a birthday present for S whose party he is going to tomorrow, then he helped me with the supermarket shopping. We came home with steaks, camembert, sausages, a new schoolbag, all chosen by him.

From next week, Thomas and I have Tuesday while N and I have Thursday for one and a half hours. I hope T and I can have as good a time. I love my boys together, but sometimes, having only one of them makes for such a nice time.

On another note, I had a totally crap experience at the hospital today for herceptin number 14, but Noreen had come with me to keep me companmy. The treatments had been going fine, the last 3 had been no problem at all. So a big thank you to fate that the one that turns out to be a disaster area is the first one in ages where I had compnay. Hopefully the next one won't be so bad, but Noreen is going to come anyway. It's a lonely 3 hours, so having company is great.

god I'm tired.


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