Mar. 12th, 2009

Veg Box

Mar. 12th, 2009 08:38 pm
thereyougothen: (gardening)
We got the 2nd veg box today. and I'll see if I can document what we got in the 8 minutes before I have to become the ogre who makes boys put their PJ's on...

I would cross post this to [ profile] organic_boxers but I don't seem to be a member, I was sure I had applied before......

For my $16.500, which in today's money is £19.87, I got:

6 Avocados (small ones, enough for 2 to eat in one sitting)
225gm Wild Rocket (my fave salad leaf)
3 Lollo Rosso lettuces
1 ENORMOUS red lettuce
2 kilos of courgettes (6, count 'em)
1 kilo lemons
350gm of spring onions (big ones, and it's Autumn, go figure)

[at this point i have to go and do bedtime]

1 green pepper
6 huevos de campo (I assume free range as well as organic)
2 Aubergines
1 kilo plum tomatoes
1 kilo zapallo (green skin pumpkin)
1.7 kilo beetroot (thanks to [ profile] chatirygirl I'm making brownies)
700gm chard
1.5 kilos red grapes (should have been 1 kilo plus 300gm raspberries)

What did you get in your last veg box? And what did it cost? Value for money?

I think that what I will get next week is here: ApioPalta I buy the "mediana"


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