Mar. 15th, 2009

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I got an email from the Veg Box people today. I could actually figure out what they were saying, but I put it through google translate anyway. I may be easily amused, but it makes me laugh...

Dear friends, are now available in our baskets this week.

Unfortunately it was not easy to reconcile, especially last week. A farmer who already had our list harvest of potatoes, came to rob him and took him away everything, including machinery, and we will have to wait a bit for the next crop. Carrots have been delayed over the account and faced several problems to carry their things to Santiago, which delayed for hours about our delivery. Anyway, to summarize, Murphy's law with all its force opoeró last week.

Behind every product they receive in their history there is a basket full of small farmers slaughtered, weather problems and logistical issues that are not always easy to solve. But our effort is always placed on achieving a shift in feeding our families.

Thanks for your patience. Irene, not iran chard this week, Juan Carlos, divide earlier in the pickup of Golf on Tuesday, Marcela, we will do the impossible to arrive earlier at your house, Grini, unfortunately we can not make custom changes in the baskets, but a good way to take lemons is making delicious drinks. As for the avocado, not to worry, that when mature will enjoy the most delicious salads. What happens is that before we just harvested.

Ahhh, and whether to pay the balance in their accounts is not yet set, it's because last week we opened two outlets in direct EMPORIUM society leaders and non-stop. Every Friday and Saturday will be in supermarkets Organic Fair Lider de San Carlos de Apoquindo (Dominicans) and La Dehesa (El Rodeo in La Dehesa Av). If anyone wants to make changes to your subscription and move to the premises only avísennos. And if some did not receive a product with the expected quality, they need only tell us not forget that our interest is that organic products taste in all its splendor.

Thank you for your support
Cristina, Juan and Beatriz (the mini ApioPalta Teem)

PS: If you can reuse your paper bags, egg cartons and bottles would be great, let them only with their custodians or their nanas and John takes when passing through their houses .!!!!!!


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