Apr. 2nd, 2009

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For some reason today I am happy. I've got that slightly excited feeling that means that something nice is going to happen. Well, we got a new veg box today, with two litres of organic milk [1] and a dozen organic eggs. But that's not it. I think the anxiety has maybe transformed itself into nervous energy... Which isn't a bad thing except at bedtime.

So anyway, I did some more sewing this morning. But first I had to do rather a lot of unsewing. last night I got to the point on the new pair of jeans where I could baste a few seams and try them on. It's a real shame that I had sewn the back pockets on before this stage. The fact that I had sewn them on with two rows of topstitching on the marks supplied by the pattern cutter is either bad luck or stupidity....

I'm trying a pattern for a low rise pair of jeans. I've got this flat tummy, or well, I have this tummy that no longer has the pregnancy induced lower tummy fatness. Admittedly I still have just-being-fat upper tummy fatness. But I digress, lots of trousers fit funnily now becasue there's not so much to hold them up, so I thought it would be clever to try a pair of low rise jeans. This pattern is from the "Burda young fashion" range number 7988. [2] So I should have realised that with "fashion" in the title I might be in trouble. Yes, along with the low rise waist, goes low slung back pockets. You know, the ones that start where your bum actually ends, and end somewhere unflattering, down on the back of your thighs? Ahem.

I unsewed the pockets this morning. And *lifted* them to a hopefully more flattering position.

Erm, it's the unsewing you're supposed to be looking at and commiserating with, not just going "aw, cute kitteh". Try this one instead:

WTF? How'd he get in that one too? Persistent wee shite.

I also need to tell you that topstitching down an outside leg seam on pinstriped fabric is quite the psychedelic experience. Have I mentioned that I've been having dizzy spells? I had to stop and regroup a few times...

[1]Milk here is almost always UHT. We have found one that is just ultra-pastuerised, which is slightly better, but it comes in plastic bags and still, sometimes you get a bag that tastes like reconstituted powdered milk. If this organic stuff is good, it will be worth every peso of the $1600 per litre (yes, that's £1.88 for a litre of milk). It came in jars. With screw on lids, just liek their yogurt does. A verdict will be forthcoming tomorrow.

[2] don't know how long that link will last


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