Apr. 18th, 2009

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I posted most of this to Ravelry already, but never mind...

I took some photos today - the colour in these is much more accurate than the one of the balls in the basket. Made some new stitch markers for it too.

The yarn over increases continue to please me, and the slip stitch edges look pretty wonderful too. I hadn't realised what a difference slipping the stitch wyif makes - I'd always just slipped wyib before, which is pretty pointless.

I'm loving this sweater!


Apr. 18th, 2009 06:45 pm
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Today I sorted out my button box. I must tell Bill, I'm sure he'll be proud. First he got me to stop alphabetising my bookshelves, and now, my button box is all of a jumble.

It was full of little ziploc bags where I had all the buttons that were the same or realted all bundled up together, And my button box was FULL. Which made me sad, because impulse buying buttons seems to be wrong if they won't fit in the button box.

So I emptied all the little ziplocs, and put the little bags in a drawer for a *greater purpose* and in the process rediscovered lots of buttons!

The ones that were still on their cards could stay, but there were hardly any.

I'm trying to remember what I bought these for. Now I want to dig in the fabric stash in case I can find a match!

Look! A teddy dear toggle! A bingo! A Fire engine!

Look! Grandad cardigan buttons! I didn't buy these, I must have taken them off something.

Look! A boat! Smiley faces!

And the best bit of all? The button box is only half full after all!
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Bill made me a cutting and drafting table! Well, I bought the legs at Ikea before we left home, but Bill built it! It's 92cm high. No more backache and sore hips from cutting or drawing.

Lucky me!


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