Mar. 18th, 2009 09:26 pm
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all my twitter posts go to facebook as well. where they make me sound like i have terribly bad grammar. sending them here too would just be overkill wouldn't it?

currently listening to Razorlight's America. Which is one of the boys' most favourite songs. And it resonates a bit more these days with them in a school that is *so* American.

I bought a CD rack thingy the day before yesterday. i'm going to go and open one of the last 4 boxes and see what CD's are in it. Most of them have been put on itunes, but there are one or two that are missing, and sometimes I just need to hear Down in the Shacks Where the Satellite Dishes Grow or Freight Train Rain, I need to find that right now. I used to dance around my living room to that.

oh but now , iPod of love has given me Geraldine, and it makes me want to dance around. and that's the end of that genius playlist.

I'm now on the "ESO Spouses Support Team" I kept emailing people and organising things. I guess they figured they could control me better if they brought me inside. ;) So we have a coffee morning tomorrow. I have to go, now that I'm on the "committee"

My name is Geraldine, I'm your social worker. I have no idea why I like that so much.
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I got an email from the Veg Box people today. I could actually figure out what they were saying, but I put it through google translate anyway. I may be easily amused, but it makes me laugh...

Dear friends, are now available in our baskets this week.

Unfortunately it was not easy to reconcile, especially last week. A farmer who already had our list harvest of potatoes, came to rob him and took him away everything, including machinery, and we will have to wait a bit for the next crop. Carrots have been delayed over the account and faced several problems to carry their things to Santiago, which delayed for hours about our delivery. Anyway, to summarize, Murphy's law with all its force opoeró last week.

Behind every product they receive in their history there is a basket full of small farmers slaughtered, weather problems and logistical issues that are not always easy to solve. But our effort is always placed on achieving a shift in feeding our families.

Thanks for your patience. Irene, not iran chard this week, Juan Carlos, divide earlier in the pickup of Golf on Tuesday, Marcela, we will do the impossible to arrive earlier at your house, Grini, unfortunately we can not make custom changes in the baskets, but a good way to take lemons is making delicious drinks. As for the avocado, not to worry, that when mature will enjoy the most delicious salads. What happens is that before we just harvested.

Ahhh, and whether to pay the balance in their accounts is not yet set, it's because last week we opened two outlets in direct EMPORIUM society leaders and non-stop. Every Friday and Saturday will be in supermarkets Organic Fair Lider de San Carlos de Apoquindo (Dominicans) and La Dehesa (El Rodeo in La Dehesa Av). If anyone wants to make changes to your subscription and move to the premises only avísennos. And if some did not receive a product with the expected quality, they need only tell us not forget that our interest is that organic products taste in all its splendor.

Thank you for your support
Cristina, Juan and Beatriz (the mini ApioPalta Teem)

PS: If you can reuse your paper bags, egg cartons and bottles would be great, let them only with their custodians or their nanas and John takes when passing through their houses .!!!!!!

Veg Box

Mar. 12th, 2009 08:38 pm
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We got the 2nd veg box today. and I'll see if I can document what we got in the 8 minutes before I have to become the ogre who makes boys put their PJ's on...

I would cross post this to [livejournal.com profile] organic_boxers but I don't seem to be a member, I was sure I had applied before......

For my $16.500, which in today's money is £19.87, I got:

6 Avocados (small ones, enough for 2 to eat in one sitting)
225gm Wild Rocket (my fave salad leaf)
3 Lollo Rosso lettuces
1 ENORMOUS red lettuce
2 kilos of courgettes (6, count 'em)
1 kilo lemons
350gm of spring onions (big ones, and it's Autumn, go figure)

[at this point i have to go and do bedtime]

1 green pepper
6 huevos de campo (I assume free range as well as organic)
2 Aubergines
1 kilo plum tomatoes
1 kilo zapallo (green skin pumpkin)
1.7 kilo beetroot (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] chatirygirl I'm making brownies)
700gm chard
1.5 kilos red grapes (should have been 1 kilo plus 300gm raspberries)

What did you get in your last veg box? And what did it cost? Value for money?

I think that what I will get next week is here: ApioPalta I buy the "mediana"


Mar. 7th, 2009 09:24 pm
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I don't think they know I can hear them. they are looking at the stars. and someone must have mentioned Sirius*, because Thomas, in his schoolteacher voice said, " well, yes, becasue a dog was the first animal in space, you know." I have a book about Laika, somewhere, well, a fantasy novel in which Laika figures.

I'll probably just sit here and listen..
or no, becasue tomorrow arrives a houseguest, who is not family! a real honest to god friend is coming to stay, even if only for one night,. and we are barbecuing and some other friends are coming over. i have just marinated some chicken wings and now have to do the same to a large piece of beef.

then i can come back to listen to my boys.

*Can you see Sirius from here, or does the southern hemisphere have a dog star too?

We can see Orion, but other than that, it's all very different, and I haven't taken the opportunity to look properly yet. we need some pop obs classes here.

All Alone

Mar. 7th, 2009 08:55 pm
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there's a tent pitched in the garden.  right below the balcony, just there.  my menfolk will be sleeping out there tonight.

in fact they must have been very excited at the idea becasue no one has even bothered to come and say goodnight to me.

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If anyone thinks I'm overreacting here, please tell me. Maybe I'm just over-sensitive since my kids still aren't totally comfortable at the school. But you know, neither am I, and I think that they aren't taking as good care of my kids as they should be. And they're getting the best part of £10,000 per annum to do it. (ok, that bit's not relevant to the current situation, but it just slipped out)

To make sense of my response, I've copied the email I got today before mine...

Email to me )

My response: )

Aargh. And each of these emails has been copied to the elementary principal. He hasn't acknowledged my emails AT ALL. I understand that he wants his staff to deal with it, but I am asking questions about POLICY. That's not for his staff to answer. And no matter what, the courtesy of an acknowledgment is just good manners.


Nico and I had a great afternoon today. Thomas had computer club, but N finished at 2.25. We went and bought him a new pair of flashing trainers, a birthday present for S whose party he is going to tomorrow, then he helped me with the supermarket shopping. We came home with steaks, camembert, sausages, a new schoolbag, all chosen by him.

From next week, Thomas and I have Tuesday while N and I have Thursday for one and a half hours. I hope T and I can have as good a time. I love my boys together, but sometimes, having only one of them makes for such a nice time.

On another note, I had a totally crap experience at the hospital today for herceptin number 14, but Noreen had come with me to keep me companmy. The treatments had been going fine, the last 3 had been no problem at all. So a big thank you to fate that the one that turns out to be a disaster area is the first one in ages where I had compnay. Hopefully the next one won't be so bad, but Noreen is going to come anyway. It's a lonely 3 hours, so having company is great.

god I'm tired.
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I got a phone call this evening. It was N's teacher, wanting to know how he got on at football. She said she had taken him there herself, and spoken to the coach, explained that he didn't speak spanish (after school sports teachers often only have basic english conversation skills) and that he was pretty sensitive, so could they look after him.

I found that interesting, becasue what I didn't mention in the email to the principal et al was that N told me he had tried to tell the teacher that he needed the toilet but the teacher didn't understand him, so he in his words "had to wet his pants".

Pretty crap, eh? And even crapper now that I know his teacher had spoken to the coach before they started. my poor little boy.

so anyway, i told Miss A all about the picking up fuckup, and she told me that she's been at the school "forever" and the procedure has always been that kids get picked up in the international park (green space in the centre of school campus)

I wonder how long it will take to get a response to my email? and I can't help but wonder if the reason teacher phoned was becasue she was asked to by principal?

but still, my poor kid. they won't be going back to football, which is a shame becasue N is really good, and could get a lot better, playing with local kids. ah well.

we'll see how tomorrow's lessons go. the school won't know what hit them if even the tiniest thing goes wrong. my patience is exhausted.


Mar. 3rd, 2009 08:42 pm
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this is hilarious, look, their mummy dresses them alike!


5 Things

Feb. 24th, 2009 04:21 pm
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from [livejournal.com profile] tracied 5 of them )
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5 things...

how does this thing work? is anyone even vaguely interested in giving me 5 things? do I even have 5 things in my interests that are interesting? *bustles off to check*
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Got this link to Orac's Respectful Insolence via [livejournal.com profile] perceval, for which thanks .

Orac is an oncologist, and has written on the original research, and I'm glad to say, that like me, he seems to think that this information is pointless becasue we don't know who will be affected in which way. Anyway, go and read it. The bit where his piece agrees with me is only a small part of the whole.

ETA: "pointless" is the wrong word, because it's not pointless and someday it may have a point, I just can't think of a better word at the moment.
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In case people are wondering, I'm not scientist bashing (I'm married to one)!

This BBC article quotes a letter to The Times by a bunch of possibly eminent scientists, referring to research published in the BMJ. Now, not having a sub to the BMJ, I don't know what was in the original article, but I recall reading something recently the details of which escape me, but they said that it was possible that the large increase in breast cancer cases in the last 20 years might be attributable to the fact that modern screening methods catch more cancers, and it is *possible* that some cancers just go away on their own, so women didn't always die of untreated breast cancer.

OK, so that was all paraphrased, but it's what I remember reading, maybe a week or so ago.

SO, the letter to The Times (which I can't find online) is the basis of the BBC news story. My problem is not with the research, to which I can basically say: so fucking what? Because, there is no way currently to tell which of those 50% of cancers will "go away on their own". My anger is totally directed though at people who will publish this, saying that women are having unnecessary treatment, but not saying at the same time that we don't know for which women it will be unnecessary. Therefore the best thing is to treat all the women who have cancers diagnosed. Until we can predict which women will not develop invasive cancer, we can't go around saying "well, maybe you won't get it, so you can consider this unnecessary, go on, just wait a few years and see what happens. Oh, shit, too late."

Oh dear, I think I am still angry, so I'm not sure if I am making a great deal of sense.

I guess my point is that nowhere does it say which women are having unnecessary treatment, or how we can work out which women, becasue currently there is no way to work out which women so the way the letter is written seems to me to be totally irresponsible. The facts might be true, but they aren't particularly useful at the moment. I'm afraid that women who might not want to face their fears will take this article as "permission" to ignore something that is niggling at them. That scares me. That could, and I'm very afraid will, cause women to die.


Feb. 21st, 2009 12:24 am
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thank you to everyone who commented on my message about my aunt and uncle's friend G.

I'm sort of coming to terms with the fact that she came along, into my life precisely at a time when I was feeling very very lonely in my "cancer patient-ness" and left me feeling very much back to (my) normal about it. I'm terribly sorry she died only 10 days later, but incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to meet her.
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Breast screening info 'misleads'

I'm sorry, I don't think I've met these "researchers". But perhaps they could do with meeting me.

quote the first:

Invitation letters and leaflets do not tell the truth about the number of tests ending in unnecessary treatment, they write in The Times.

Quote the second:

None of the invitations for screening come close to telling the truth and as a result women are being manipulated, albeit unintentionally, into attending, they wrote.
Up to half of all cancers that are found by screening, if left to their own devices, might not do any harm during the woman's natural lifespan.
But when detected by mammogram, the woman may then undergo unnecessary surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the letter said.

It was all explained to me. My diagnosis was that I had a PRE CANCEROUS condition, and that, basically, if you were talking in terms of switches, and if it took 10 switches to turn the cancer on, I had 6 of them switched to on already. But at the same time, there was a not unreasonable chance that I would not actually develop invasive cancer. There was also a 1 in 10 chance that I already had invasive cancer that had not been detected by the screening methods used. (I did not have an MRI, I had a mammogram, a punch biopsy of the nipple, and two needle biopsies guided by ultrasound and by mammography.)

"Up to half of these cancers may not do any harm."

And what actually happened to me? I had a grade II tumour. A fast growing Her2 positive tumour. The kind that sweeps through you and hits your other organs before you can say, "hmmm, is it worth having my breast smooshed in this here machine?" Were I to ask the women I know, if you had a bad mammogram result, or as in my case, a bad mammogram, ultrasound and needle biopsy, would you think, that hey, I've got a 50% chance that it won't come to anything, so what the hell, I'll just go on about my business?

Do you know something? a mastectomy isn't actually that big a deal. OK, I know I have a bloody good reconstruction, but I have two friends who don't have reconstructions, and do you know? I KNOW they have prostheses, but I DON'T ACTUALLY KNOW WHICH ONE IT IS. Really, really really, when the odds are 50/50? What are you going to choose?

I really hope that women reading this article aren't gong to say: "oh, those dastardly scientists, trying to make me think I've got cancer". If you have flashing warning signals of cancer, given today's medical technology - what are you going to choose? Taking a chance, or taking the route of surgery and adjuvant treatment? So fucking what if it's "just in case"?


I really really hope that people aren't going to read this and think that it's only a "chance" that they have cancer. Fuck.

I remember, every single bloody second of the walk from the car to the western general that morning, when I was saying to Bill that I knew that my mum was worried that I might be one of the "1 in 10" but that I wasn't worried, and I was sure that I was going to be given the all clear, and well, whatever, I had a lot of scars, and I didn't look like I used to, but hey, it was ok. And I might even have been swinging my long, blessedly straight hair as I spoke.

Here I am now, short and curly haired, constantly constantly exhausted. I look like hell. My fingernails not only look like hell, but are totally fucking useless, I can't even open a can of coke. But guess what? I have a better than 95% chance of dying of old age. Because I opted to accept the recommendation of my doctors and have a mastectomy, as a result of which I was recommended to have chemo and tamoxifen and herceptin. It has, yes, totally fucked up my life and made it very difficult, and my intellectual abilities have been compromised beyond recognition, but I'm alive, and I think that's how my family and friends, and my two beautiful beautiful boys want me.

- Breast cancer biology 'changing'

I'm not totally, entirely, actually sure that this article is actually saying *anything*.


And more cancers were diagnosed as grade one - slow-growing tumours, with a decline in the number of grade three - fast-growing tumours.

Hmmm. I'd always been confused by the Grading, thinking it corresponded to the size, and that the "Stage" and "Grade" were effectively the same thing, but as it turns out, Stage and Grade correspond to different measurements. So I guess this explains why I had a Grade 2 tumour. It went from not there to 11mm in the space of a couple of months. You read descriptions of tumours and it says under 20mm is Stage 1.

I think that first article made me really really angry. I think that I have settled down now.
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Phew. Standing up all morning is beginning to take its toll. Still, two things all cut out and a third prepped.

And I'd forgotten just how tedious fusing interfacing is without a steam generator. I still have the steam generator, but it's downstairs int he sewing room, and I'm still using the dining table for cutting, so have been fusing up here at the ironing board...

I've given up on last.fm to listen to, it keeps playing old stuff. that's why I turned off chilean radio. how do I get it to recommend me new stuff?

I've now got the internet radio on some alternative station from boston. it's pretty good. whatever hapened to xfm-scotland? all I can get is is xfm london, and it's not the same. not that xfm-scotland was great or anything, but it beat radio froth at least. god, i needs me some decent music.

20 minutes until the school run. first week of school almost over, hurrah!


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