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Birthdate:Oct 9
Location:Santiago, Chile
i've got two sons, one partner, oh god, he's my husband now!. 4 sewing machines and an overlocker. 2 knitting machines (well, the number is fluid really)), and i'm learning how to use the complicated ones now. and a huge stash of yarn and fabric, or insulation for the attic if I'm making excuses.

i have a subaru legacy estate, which I love to drive - an estate car that is fun to drive, i kid you not. And now in CHile, we've upgraded to a Subaru Outback.

I like my life.

i am half scottish half american, but i often tend to forget about the american half. i speak with an american accent, but i also tend to forget that. which makes me look blankly at people who ask me if i'm enjoying my visit to edinburgh. (and my children are half english)

ok, so all the breastfeeding stuff - I'm training as a breastfeeding counsellor with the ABM so that's why.

i can also be either incredibly boring, or incredibly interesting when I start on about homebirth. go on, ask me!

i helped set up a knitting in the pub group -
I moderated my local freecycle group for three years.

i sew, crochet, knit, machine knit, machine embroider, make messes and look helpless when it’s time to clean them up. i have chronic pain that tries to defeat me, but i usually win. ish

i live with Bill and our two boys, who are always an inspiration and sometimes a trial.

i’m being treated for breast cancer at the moment, and am dealing with having to slow down and do what i’m told. it ain’t easy, i can tell you.

Why are we in Chile? Bill is an astronomer, and is working on the ALMA telescope -

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