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OK, now that I've got myself in gear and set it up its very own blog, no more xx sleeps posts here - they're all at [ profile] bopeepsheep very helpfully set up [ profile] lasbolladuras or you can syndicate it directly from blogger.

this LJ will go back to whinging about stuff post haste

33 sleeps

Sep. 24th, 2008 09:42 pm
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today they boys and I went shoe shopping in the morning - amazingly all three of us got new shoes. and at outlet prices too. i don't know how difficult it will be to gt shoes for them in Chile, we've been told that Bill will struggle to get trousers and shoes, so I decided that since both boys have very wide feet and high insteps, i would get them some shoes to keep us going for a while at least. if we are lucky these will do us until christmas, and we will hopefully being going up to the US then. but we might have no trouble at all with shoes. who knows?

you know, we hardly know anything about this place we're going to live in for the next 5 years. and actually, i'm kinda enjoying the fact...

in the hope of encouraging my family to keep a journal of sorts of their experiences, i've set up a family blog. so far it has copies of all these xx sleeps posts. I'm hoping that I can get Thomas at least to contribute to it. i will try and make it interesting with photos and stuff like that. just not today.

after shoe shopping (which also included a stop at the paper mill shop and the purchase by TT of a huge happy birthday rubber stamp [what? what do you mean what did I buy? *looks innocent*]) we went to another shopping centre and met [ profile] buzzy_bee and [ profile] buzzy_babe for lunch. we had a really nice time. maybe strike days aren't so bad after all...

34 sleeps

Sep. 23rd, 2008 09:25 pm
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what did we accomplish today toward moving? I'm not sure there was anything. oh, yes, we freecycled my old breastpump and all its bottles and attachments. but even so, it wasn't very big. the recipients very kindly gave us a tin of low caffeine but still proper espresso coffee. that was lovely. we shall try it when the current packet runs out.

was there anything else?

i had my last parent council meeting at preston street. i was very sad, and i burst into tears when they gave me a very (very) big bunch of flowers. there is a photo, i will upload tomorrow.

have been a bit down since this afternoon - had my heart scan, and i'm down to 51%. i was 53, 53, 55 (remember my jubilant posting?) and now down to 51%. Herceptin is "cardiotoxic" so I suppose it's not surprising. the radiographer asked me if I'm tired. um, yes. and I'd been wondering why. all the nurses keep saying "no matter what the side effects are supposed to be, I think herceptin makes you tired" well, yes, especially if it affects heart function, and if your heart isn't working as well as it used to, you might get tired. I guess that's a no-brainer.

well, I will probably have to have another of these before the Chileans will give me any drugs. and the Chileans won't have Winton, who is the "superintendant radiographer", all round nice guy, and super talented at finding difficult veins. I think he would be willing to travel, but I doubt the insurance company would cover it.

we have had an unbelievably expensive quote from an agency for shipping Quirk to Santiago. so maybe we'll be doing it all ourselves after all. unless anyone I know wants to go into the pet export business??

tomorrow the school is closed because of the unison strike., i think we are gong shoe shopping, sadly not for me, though...

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Sep. 22nd, 2008 09:33 pm
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after a positive visit to the oncologist today, I'm feeling much more positive. i have to get him the address of where to send my referral. and soon...

i phoned a pet export agency today - we've decided that the paperwork is too much like hard work, so we are going to pay someone to do the angst.

Quirk will go into kennels when we start packing up the house, and will follow us out about two days after us. the more I think about it, the happier I am about that. I don't think I would have enjoyed sitting on a plane knowing that my probably miserable cat was within 20 feet of me. it will still worry me, but it might not feel quite so awful...

lots to do. oh yes.

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Sep. 21st, 2008 08:15 pm
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we have realised that we don't have a lot of time to go and see all those places we've always said we should go to sometime. today it was the turn of the scottish mining museum. it was really worth the visit, we enjoyed it, although there were bits that N found scary. and believe me, when an ex-miner is telling you that, "as you went along you just let the roof fall in behind you" you can get a pretty good picture of the claustrophobia...

Last night Bill and I went out, we tried the "Oriental Fusion" restaurant in the Omni centre, which we've been meaning to for ages... It was ok, service wasn't great, but the food was pretty good, we had some sashimi and sushi to start, then some tempura and some grilled mussels - they were really garlicky, really good, but there were far too many of them, and they were also brought out at the same time as the sushi, so they got cold. they weren't so good cold.

then we went to the conan doyle, and I can't remember what it was called when I first moved here, was it something about picardy place?

then we went for a walk, and laughed at the drunks, and the hen and stag parties...

and today I am tired.

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Sep. 20th, 2008 05:51 pm
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we've been birthday shopping today. *that* will maybe be a more interesting process in Chile. buying for the father-in-law, which is hard at the best of times. But the boys have got him a map of Chile, which he can use to follow us round.

we took another huge box to the charity shop. we have to go to different ones each time, or they will probably show us the door. i decided i couldn't face ebaying all the fabric, so I have kept some, and a whole bunch went to the charity shop. I hope people still buy fabric from them. Also a huge bunch of patterns, some of which were vintage. but i'm never going to use them, so they might as well go.

we drove very gently over all the speed bumps...
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well, I managed that quite well, didn't I? the second day of my supposed posting every day for 39 days, and what happened?

oh well. it was a busy day yesterday. i walked more than i have walked in ages. i was really rather sore by the end of the day, but i'm sure it will have done wonders for my heart function, and with that test coming up on tuesday it needs all the boost it can get.

i had the final of three removal companies round yesterday - this one does pets as well as belongings, so it would be great if they are chosen. i also remembered that we have 4 bicycles, which i had forgotten to mention previously.

in the afternoon N and I went to the nursery school for the leavers' visit, and also the story sack launch. our author this year was Simon Puttock
who I liked a lot. we like his books too. of this year's story sacks, the ones I like best are the Simon Puttock one and the Eco-schools one. must find the pictures.

then in the evening, I listed all the magazines I haven't yet been able to part with on a sewing list... if I get no bites there, I'll have to try elsewhere. might try the destashing comm on ravelry.
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if i can count, and I believe that I can - it's 39 sleeps until we leave for santiago, all being well.  hopefully there will be no drama worthy of a john buchan novel in the meantime, but I'm going to try and post here every day for those 39, because i might want to look back on these days and laugh, someday...


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