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Barbara insisted I go to the borders knitting group tonight, even though it's her last night here. i didn't argue for very long, i just went and had a nice time.
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I was standing in the kitchen doorway, when simultaneously, I heard the boys' bedroom door open and felt something fluttery on my arm. I shook my arm. It was still there. I shook it again, and a GREAT BIG HUGE SPIDER fell off it onto the floor. Barbara backed away looking terrified. The boys ran halfway up the stairs. And I calmly and collectedly went to the hall cupboard to get the spider catcher,* caught the spider on the third attempt, and took it and shook it outside the front door.

I'm sure I'll find my case of the hysterics somewhere soon. But I'm very glad it wasn't to hand at the time....

*which I bought Bill as a joke xmas present and have since discovered that it's actually bloody useful!
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this actually frightened me quite a lot. a mild bug caught from one of my kids has knocked me down really quite spectacularly. after sailing through and all that. this was scary, and a bit of a wake up call.


Feb. 26th, 2008 10:59 am
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so the destash has begun. i went through all the yarn yesterday. it was teh scary. i did not know i had that much (yes, of course i'm lying). and yes, there was indeed stuff in there that i had forgotten all about. it will be fun when someday i come across the stash in a location which i have forgotten all about. i'm sure it exists. the cat very annoyingly just walked across my keyboard. why does she *do* things like that?

it is most definitely Spring, i have proof. i was in the dining room and looked out the window to sunshine and thought it would be a good day to hang out some washing. then i came into the living room to see that it is raining in the front garden. welcome to springtime in Edinburgh.

i have ironed this morning. i don't think i can stretch the nurses' prohibition of ironing any longer. but on the vague chance that i might be allowed to go back to work at some point, i have now a few shirts and a couple pairs of trousers that are ready to wear.

shame i don't particularly like any of the trousers. soon, soon i will have the energy to make some.

Barbara now wants sewing and knitting machine lessons. this is good. becasue really, i'm not finding myself very inspiring at the moment, so doing some stuff for her will be good. although hopefully it will be more a case of her doing for herself with some help from me.

what else? oh yes, back to the destash.... i have photographed it all, but did it yesterday when the light was awful. and i didn't make a lot of effort either. so even the stuff that is nice (which is probably one of the lots) won't make much on ebay. never mind. i have managed to upload them all to flickr. today i have to weigh them and work out postage. tomorrow i must start to list them on ebay. on the off chance that anyone is interested in anything, they're tagged "destash" on flickr, here i had to upgrade to a pro acct on flickr.  i think that is the fault of ravelry.

i think i might go and do some story sack sewing now, to put off the weighing and describing chore a bit longer. it's been ages since i ebayed anything. i think i have forgotten how.

Barbara is baking an apple cake today.
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I really thought the edinburgers would come up with the miracle English lessons, but so far no luck...

ack. what are we going to do?
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i am really not up to knitting hallowig, but i still fancy one...

i have one soft comfy hat.  i will need more. i will probably have to sleep in a hat, because my head will be *cold*

oh and, we have an au pair. she's 18 and from Germany, which is the same as the other two au pairs we know.

she arrives on 7th December, 2 days after my mum leaves.  she sounds lovely.  wish us luck.


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