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or tech savvy friends of parents. i just had a skype conversation with my parents thanks to a friend of theirs who is staying with them. video and everything.

the boys heard something and got out of bed, so they got to say goodnight too.

Nico and I went out for a walk down the path after tea. it was nice.

i made tacos for tea. the boys really liked them, they only had the chili mixture in their first taco, and just had cheese, corn and sour cream in their other two, but they stuffed themselves and really enjoyed their tea.

it has been a most pleasant evening.

and now i have knitting and the internet until bedtime.

heart scan tomorrow morning at 9.30....
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we had a purple pork casserole for tea. becasue i needed to use the beetroot that came last week, and was still shaming me in the fridge drawer.

it was really nice, a bit labour intensive since i did lots of frying off of ingredients before puttng it in the oven, but it was worth it. really earthy flavour from the beetroot and the pork was very tender. main ingredients were pork, beetroot, onions, horseradish and a half jar of cranberry sauce.

and i had a play with the spinning wheel today and coincidentally, the roving in the bag i found was in shades of purple.

i think there's a bit of purple in TT's sock, and that's what i'm going to concentrate on now.

i'm trying to talk Bill into trimming off my long(er) hair. i have enough of a head covering now that i'd rather it was all the same length. he's supposed to take pictures too. so we can remember this. not sure why i want to, but i think i do.

but what i really need right now is cake. and there isn't any.

knitting is on sunday this weekend - who is going?


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