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I was standing in the kitchen doorway, when simultaneously, I heard the boys' bedroom door open and felt something fluttery on my arm. I shook my arm. It was still there. I shook it again, and a GREAT BIG HUGE SPIDER fell off it onto the floor. Barbara backed away looking terrified. The boys ran halfway up the stairs. And I calmly and collectedly went to the hall cupboard to get the spider catcher,* caught the spider on the third attempt, and took it and shook it outside the front door.

I'm sure I'll find my case of the hysterics somewhere soon. But I'm very glad it wasn't to hand at the time....

*which I bought Bill as a joke xmas present and have since discovered that it's actually bloody useful!
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i have much to say about my visit with the occupational health doctor = good and this monring's heart scan which was really quite difficult. but i am too tired to be very articulate.

and i have just been in floods of tears over not being able to hear bill on skype, and Nico clowning around at the camera and TT not being all that bothered about talking to daddy. he said hello at least.

the boys are in bed, i am having some VERY STRONG DRINK (port, that was the best i could find) and will hope to speak to bill again in a while, then will go to bed.

i am truly very exhausted. very.

i can see that my dad is online on skype, but if i call them i wll just end up crying again. so i wo't.

night two

Jul. 12th, 2005 10:22 pm
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so, since the little darlings finally stopped yelling mummy mummy daddy mummy daddy daddy daddy daddy mummy, i have brought the washing in, eaten the last 4 profiteroles and had a very large glass of wine.

now i have to go and fold all the wshing. theproblem with managing to do 5 loads in 4 days is that there is a shitload of stiff to fold.

the back garden is now officially more efficient than the tumble dryer. it takes about 2 hours in the dryer, and i think today, with the breezr, stuff was dry in about 90 minutes.

had to give the boys a bath tonight becasue they were incredibly sticky. why oh why does a bath not make them all sleepy and ready for bed? bedtime was the stuff of nightmares. I told TT I was redy to go nuts. so I then had to explain what nuts was, then what crazy was then what very upset was. i wish i'd not said it in the first place (well of course)

anyway, i've just looked at the clock and see that there has been silence for an hour. and I don't know where that hour has gone. i haven't accomplished much.

better go fold the laundry mountain. have told the boys that they are getting up at 7 tomorrow to be at nursery by 8, so that they will go to bed at bedtime. ha ha ha

it's lonely here.
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fucking fucking fuck fuck
I had just about got the boys to sleep, had sung myself hoarse, but they were settling.
when the fucking builder rings the fucking doorbell to hand me a fucking sheet of paper/.

now i have two wide awake children and not even a vestige of patience left.

where's the gin?


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