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lying in bed last night, I realised why I'm feeling sore and tender etc about the upper body.

i spent a fair bit of Sunday afternoon with the knitting machine, didn't i? being that it was the first time i'd used it seriously in probably 6 months, it's hardly surprising that i might feel some effects. and given that i was hardly at the peak of fitness, it's hardly surprising that it might leave me feeling a little different to what i would normally expect.

so, no need to worry about the weirdness then, eh?

I believe Bill may have laughed. self-inflicted injury. but at least i have the back of a cardigan to show for it. so there. nyah.

oh and, while wittering about my lovely knitting needles yesterday, i forgot the linky thing to their multi-coloured prettiness which should go some way to explaining why i might want to use them so much.


Dec. 29th, 2007 11:10 pm
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either we were all three very hungry, or that was a damn fine pot of soup. maybe baking the squash first is a good thing to do. or maybe it was just very good turkey stock. which it probably was/is. there is enough for another 3 pots of soup.

anyway. we all had three helpings. and then TT and I had a slice each of Nigella's clementine cake. then TT had N's slice as well since N didn't like it/ not that he had tasted it or anything, he just didn't like it. of course.

he had strawberry yogurt. and a tantrum at tidy up time.

and now it is time for sleep. Bill is somewhere between carter bar and edinburgh.

and i forgot to mention - there has been swatching on the knitting machine. i will be making something soon. or a few somethings. there's a helluva lot of yarn to be used in this house. and i can't use the standard gauge until i've used up all the fat yarn. or that's what i'm telling myself...


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