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harking back to ths entry I seem to have bought one yesterday, but i don't have a 9volt battery so i can't play with it yet. can i get rechargeable 9v batteries anywhere in Edinburgh or do i have to go online? we seem to have got all our batteries bar the button cell ones as rechargeable now, i think we're doing really well. i know that one of our chargers will do 9v, so i feel very virtuous about out new toy. (I'm sure i can make bill use it at least once and will have trouble wresting it from the boys grasp, so i can call it "ours).

harking back to this entry: Gratuitude I have finally been able to journal it in the notebook that it came with and it on the Wearable Sculptures Website. It has been in my possession far longer than it should have been, but it has taken me a long time to be able to articulate the gratitude that I do actually feel every day about the state of my life at the moment. I still haven't done a very good job, but it's enough. I really truly am grateful for the fact that the last few months have made me appreciate so much much.

I would love for this to make its next stop with one of my friends, so if you have something to make you feel gratitude, or indeed need a boost to help you look for such things - please say so and I will send it on. I know that there are marriages, and new houses and other good things happening, so please volunteer. It has to be back in the US come May, so no one can hang onto it for as long as I did!

there will be a post about chemo number 4 soon - it was ok, and i am halfway through, and completely through the heavy duty epirubucin. lower level of poison to look forward to now...
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yesterday I received this bunch of roses from my workmates. you know, the ones i'd hardly had a chance to get to know before disappearing into the sunset... had a visit from the BM today, which was very nice. people are missing me!

the postman delivered these this morning:

From Rosemary. They are lovely, and they really do fit very well. As you can see on my very grateful feet! Thanks!


I made some things yesterday! (well, i have been making things all along, but these are things that i started *and* finished yesterday!)

dragonfly stitch markers, two made with 1mm silver plated wire, one with 0.6mm. this made me realise that 0.8mm would be better, and i eventually found some, and made 2 more.

and a bracelet:


Oct. 30th, 2007 07:24 pm
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Gratitude, originally uploaded by kythryne.

Today was my first real outing - we took my parents out to lunch (to The Nile Valley in Chapel Street) So I decided it was time to wear this. It's called Gratitude, and is one of a group of pieces sent to travel around the world by their maker.

Its last stop was with [info]cangetmad and I'm very glad to have the opportunity to wear it for a while.

I have a lot to be grateful for at the moment, being able to go out to lunch is just one of them.  I have been waiting for an occasion to wear it. I think I would like to wear it on Friday when I go to the hospital for my follow up with the breast cancer people, and then again on Saturday evening when we are taking my parents out, for dinner this time, to The New Bell.

Then, it will be time for Gratitude to move on to a new home.  I wonder where it will go next?  The forum for Gratitude is here
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i have had visitors, while i sit here in one or other of my chairs. [ profile] cangetmad may have been the first, i do know she arrived with the promised rum raisin cake from margiotta i have no pictures but i am eating the 2nd last piece as i type. it is very yum and i recommend it to all convalescents, truly i do.

[ profile] halle and [ profile] jarthur appeared on saturday morning with playmates for my children, and gifts!

a book to make me crochet, a book to make me laugh (only gently at the moment) and a pot of cream for Bill to anoint my feet. which is heaven, i can't reach my feet very well at the moment, and they are not the most attractive feet you cold hope for right now. peppermint foot lotion is da business.

after an unscheduled trip to the hospital to get my dressing changed (they had not after all applied showerproof ones) i had visits from Maria, my friend across the road, and from [ profile] hfnuala who brought me this lovely shawl:

which looks much better on than draped over the laptop on a table... it gets used in the evening when the lovely shawl from sally isn't quite warm enough. the perils of having the comfortee (Nico's word) chair in the bay window.

on sunday i don't think i had *any* visitors. this can't go on!

the days are a blur, of course. Ysolda came and brought cakes - enough for everyone. i managed to snap this before the last one was consumed:

on wednesday spinningfishwife came, bearing chocolate cake and these:

there are also sock needles and a row counter, but i couldn't find them when i took the photo. there is also a simple sock pattern, so i'll try that before i try anything in the book!

not long after [ profile] hfnuala joined us with Aisling. and now i am too tired to type and will go and crochet instead.
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but i suppose first an update. i'm still doing really well, but get tired very easily. i am already bored stiff, so i must be on the mend. the thought that there are still two months of convalescence ahead of me is really quite unsettling! i was two hours late taking anti-inflammatories and painkillers yesterday though and paid for it, i needed to take the extra super duper painkillers at bedtime for the first time since i came off the morphine, so a lesson learned. the family ios all primed to tell me to take soe drugs at 5pm today. between us all, i should remember. for today at least.

did i mention that i got some lovely gifts? there were parcels waiting when i got home from hospital.

this one from [ profile] yanata

yummy chocolate! and look, my first ever ball of sock yarn! the colours are great, just the thing to brighten up my feet. turns out that the set of sock needles i ordered are .25mm too big for this yarn, but i think i may not worry about that and just have a go anyway. SpinningFishwife is coming round this week, so i'm hoping to get a starter lesson! thank you very much for this, [ profile] yanata it's lovely and it's so nice to know that people are thinking of me.

also waiting for me when i got home was a parcel from WyeSue this photo is awful, the contents lovely

3 gingerbread animals, which i am very nice and have been sharing with my children. a ginger cookbook which even my mum is inspired by and i think some baking may be done this week. some green and blacks, which is going to get used with one of Bill's birthday presents - his sister sent him the green and blacks cookbook for his birthday - yay! and Sue sent me a scarf - in the loveliest alpaca, it is just soo nice! thank you very much, it was a lovely parcel to receive, and the card (all about pants) gave us all a good laugh.

these flowers arrived in hospital from Adeline

and these when i got home from colleen

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LESSON ONE: don't start an entry, leave it for a while and then forget it's in draft and post another entry. lost entry.

start over....

i have had so many cards and gifts, not all have been photographed, but i think i got most of the gifts!

my room in hospital was kept at about 80 degrees F, so i never wore this there, but it has been around my shoulders every day since i have been home.

this very pretty faroese shawl is from sally who gave it to me on my last city knitty outing to double dutch before going into st johns. it''s really lovely, and is just the thing to keep my shoulders warm. my hospital room walls were painted almost the exact same colour! the photo isn't great, but these days i'm concentrating on just getting the photos up. thanks sally, and for the chocolate too, we haven't eaten it yet, it's still in a safe place far from children's prying fingers...

on my last day at schools (TT's school that is) i was given three parcels from a bunch of the other mums - these chocolates are about half finished, but i'm waiting for the all clear from the hospital before slathering myself with the lovely things in the other two boxes. all the dressings are due to come off on thursday, so i should be free to use whatever i want.

ok, i need to stop for now, this is taking longer than i expected. there will be a bunch more posts coming up as an when my energy allows....

i'm back!

Oct. 18th, 2007 11:23 am
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hi everyone, i can't type very well or for very long, because it's awkward even with my lovely new laptop that bill gave me fr my birthday. i'm feelng realy well today, adn that's after being up al day yesterday. i slept ok, which is a vast improvement on in the hospiotal.

i will possibly send a proper update soon, or maybe i'll never get to it..
in the menatime, excuse the typos and thank yu all so much for all the mesages especialy the suport for bill, he appreciated those messages very much, as do i.

i wore my "nurse the baby" (see usericon) t shirt home from hospital. no one but bill and i relaised the significance of it,

if you live within spitting distance, please come and visit before i die of boredom. bringing knitting or cake are optional

love to all


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