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Aug. 11th, 2008 10:36 am
thereyougothen: (me & boys)
so yesterday, I was looking at the webpage for the school the boys will be going to - Nido de Aguilas."Eagles' Nest".  I came across the PTA page - it has biographies of the committee members. Oh, I am going to be so out of my league!

But, go look at the school on google earth:  the place is huge!  I just know we'll get lost, or be constantly late, or otherwise draw attention to ourselves.

Bill's waiting to hear back on the detail of one of the job offers, but the decision is more or less made - we *think* he'll be going with the european offer.

we *think* we'll be leaving about the 20th of OCtober.

I had been saying that we were going to have two sumers this year, but I have now realised it wll be more accurate to say that we won't have winter.  I don't think calling this summer would pass the trades descritpions act.

We're supposed to be going camping down near Castle Douglas on Thursday.  it's not looking very promising.  we wanted to use the tent at least one more time before we have to seel it, but I'm not going camping in the rain again just for the sake of it.  We'd actually like to enjoy ourselves a bit.

Oh god, back to work a week today.


Jan. 10th, 2008 01:31 pm
thereyougothen: (swinging)
there is snow falling outside my window.

unfortunately i think there might still be a little rain in there too


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