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seemed to go rather well.

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what are we going to eat?  as i think of things, or order them, i'll add them here, suggstions are welcome.

so far we have ordered:

wedding cake (sponge, not fruit cake)
sushi - (200 pieces of sushi!)

A Hangbag

Jun. 19th, 2007 02:08 pm
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I have finished my first "proper" handbag.  Designed from scratch at
Katherine Emtage's class at Leith Academy.

You can see her stuff at

I'm quite happy with it.  I even embellished it.  I find myself
getting quite into embellishing things all of a sudden.  Nothing is
complete without a flower or a frill.


I don't have pictures of any other bags I've made - I've done two machine
knit, and quite a few crochet ones, just never kept the bags.  I see
more bags in my future.

When i finish sewing wedding clothes.  I need a whip cracking I
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the sun has finally come out.  yesterday's washing which is still on the line may be dry by this evening.

i have got the lining into the jacket.  urgh.  now i have to figure out how to do the hem and sleeves.  double urgh.  i kow that i have bagged the lining on a jacket before, and I'm sure I did the sleeves as well, but it was probably 15 years ago, and I can't remeber now.  and this one has a vent, i don't know what to do with the vent.  aargh.

which all means that i have given up for the day.

i also can't find my chibi needles so no more sewing up on the wrap top either.  up to about row 25 on sleeve two now, i do think that i actually will be wearing it this summer.  as long as summer lasts longer than this afternoon.

bought a whole huge pile of stuff for Nico's party.  and some tray things for the we4didng party - these have some sort of well where you can put ice packs.  i'm thinking these are teh business for the sushi.  it's worth getting married just to have a party with lots of sushi.

but i still have a whole pile of shit still to get for Nico's party.  and i need a donkey,  and some tails.  i don't draw.  Bill will be doing this, I think.

the wedding rsvp's have been pretty slow.  we currnetly are execting somewhere between 60 and 100 adults.  tons of kids.  but who counting.  they will all eat mini sausages and run around yelling, so they're dealt with.

I've had replies from 9 out of 23 from Nico's class.  this is for his party, not the wedding thing.

we have a band for the wedding.  this shold be fun. we had a band for TT's christenign party too.  must keep our standards up.

must go get my boys.  and find the knitting.  2 hours of waiting around this afternoon followed by knitting at Chai this evening, so i think progress will be made.


May. 12th, 2007 10:50 am
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we'd been planning to have our first eurovision party ofr 7 years tongiht,

then we decided to have a mwedding in the summer.  and you know, i thought that two parties, welll three if you coulnt Nico's birthday party in June was all just too much.

So Bill's going to the pub tonight and i'll be watching eurovision all by myself.

with my knitting, i guess...


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