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Aug. 11th, 2008 10:36 am
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so yesterday, I was looking at the webpage for the school the boys will be going to - Nido de Aguilas."Eagles' Nest".  I came across the PTA page - it has biographies of the committee members. Oh, I am going to be so out of my league!

But, go look at the school on google earth:  the place is huge!  I just know we'll get lost, or be constantly late, or otherwise draw attention to ourselves.

Bill's waiting to hear back on the detail of one of the job offers, but the decision is more or less made - we *think* he'll be going with the european offer.

we *think* we'll be leaving about the 20th of OCtober.

I had been saying that we were going to have two sumers this year, but I have now realised it wll be more accurate to say that we won't have winter.  I don't think calling this summer would pass the trades descritpions act.

We're supposed to be going camping down near Castle Douglas on Thursday.  it's not looking very promising.  we wanted to use the tent at least one more time before we have to seel it, but I'm not going camping in the rain again just for the sake of it.  We'd actually like to enjoy ourselves a bit.

Oh god, back to work a week today.
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I finished this year's author story sack this afternoon. and then was in such a rush getting out the door to deliver it to nursery school that I forgot to take photos. never mind, i'll get some on thursday, which is when we are having this year's story sack event.

it won't be such a happy event as last year's, sadly, becasue both teachers at cameron house are off sick at moment, and probably won't be back by then.

never mind, the kids will be there, and hopefully the author in question, so it should be fun.

but it means that i am working monday, tuesday an wednesday this week. gets it over with sooner, I guess.

I told the boss today that I will possibly/probably be leaving in October. she took it rather well, all things considered.

still feeling tired, and not enormously cheerful, but maybe that's just me dreading the summer holidays!
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while trawling through my email at work:

. Sadness is very hard to fake. When someone is genuinely sad, the forehead wrinkles with grief and the inner corners of the eyebrows are pulled up. By contrast, the lowering of the eyebrows associated with an angry scowl can be faked by almost everybody. If someone says they are sad and the inner corners of their eyebrows don't go up, they are likely faking it.

Found here: How to spot a Liar

I'll be checking, you know, so don't even think about trying to lie to ME!

and this one, from how to succeed in an interview:

When answering the questions, maintain eye contact with the interviewer(s). If there are two interviewers, give them equal attention. If there are three or more, slowly sweep your eyes from side to side like a radar beam.


Radar beam. heh.


Jun. 9th, 2008 11:16 am
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I'm reading through the last 4 months of email here at work and I come
across an invitation to a conference.

"An International Conference on Young People:
New Horizons for Youth Participation and Democracy

Social and political discourses across the world continue to
problematise and criminalise young
people and are built on a language of fear, protection, control and
surveillance. This is neither
helpful in engaging or empowering young people nor is it acceptable in
terms of meeting their
democratic rights."

Can someone tell me when "problematise" became a word?

This is for an academic conference, hosted by the faculty of education
at Strathclyde.

I despair.

Sounds like the conference itself might be heading in the right direction.

But "problematise"?
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it was knitting tonight, I'm sure i have things to report, but they are all gone now. i came home and ate popcorn. popcorn must empty the brain.

it was lucky i left when i did, the number 2 bus was there within 30 seconds of me arriving at the stop. tonight it was 4 minutes early, last week it had been 3. shouldn't be cutting it so fine.

next week it won't be my problem, i'll be in hospital.


the boss seems to appreciate me, so i've decided that i will go into work next monday. all i have to do otherwise is buy a sports bra, so i guess i can spare a few hours at work. i am writing user notes for how to do things i think are essential. today i finished checking that you have the right identity (everyone is City of Edinburgh Council) , and how to track revisions. i still have to do using headers and footers in word, and emailing links instead of documents. and i have 3 days or about 8 hours to do it in.

thomas asked about my surgery today, i had to explain that the doctors were gong to cut me. he is horrified, and doesn't want to see. nor do i. Bill says that Nicholas was talking about it tonight and doesn't want me to go into hospital because i am going to be hurt. i had tried to explain to them that the doctors are going to give me medicine to make sure that it doesn't hurt, but obviously they don't believe me. the thing is, they will see me in pain, and in more pain than they are used to seeing me, and they will have been proved right.

this time next week i will be in hospital. that's a pile of crap, really it is.
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So, I went back to work last thursday. did I mention that? it was good. i was glad to be there. even though I didn't accomplish all that much. last wednesday was my last hospital or otherwise appt until going into hospital, so it seemed a good thing to go back to work.

well, i have made a database, and started an electronic filing system. and that's what i was hired to do, so i guess i *did* accomplish stuff.

today i blinded the head teacher a bit more with my brilliance by showing her how to put the location of a document in its footer. and she then rushed off to teach the school secretary to do the same. and failed. and had to ask me to do it.

so i have done some grovelling to the secretary for coming in and having all these bright ideas that the HT immediately seizes upon and decides to "make it so". aargh. but that is why they hired me.

come janaury when I go back ("you will come back, won't you?") I will actually start to make changes that everyone will have to adhere to, like making the filing system ahem, well, compulsory. most people save stuff to their home directories, and well, that's not much use.

i can't make head or tail of who is in which group on the network, and i don't think that is something that can be changed at the school level, i believe we have to put in a change request to the maintainer (BT) and get them to do it. so I will have to make sure I have all the info ready so that I can say who goes in what group and who should have what permission all in one go. i believe we are charged for each and every change request...

as for other stuff... I'm coping, keep finding ways to laugh about it. my latest is that it gives us one more point on our "get Nicholas into Preston Street" effort.

The breast clinic gave me a supply of special band-aids to use, well, i was near to running out, so i managed to find some - they are very new and made of polyurethane i believe. £12 for a pack of 5. at that price I guess I was lucky to get as many as I did from the hospital. I had tried some of the other ones i had been given but they were awful. non-stick plasters are the way to go.

more and more people know now, but it's still hard to tell people. it's so much easier once people know. as long as they don't ignore it, or try and pretend it's not happening. i know that asking how i am is a loaded question right now, but go ahead and ask.

did i mention that i have finally been brave enough to look around the interwebs and see what it says? well, i have looked around to see what cancer research Uk and cancer bacup say. i'm very lucky that this isn't worse than it is. a mastectomy isn't the end of the world, and i don't have to have radiotherapy or chemo. so, i feel lucky. ish.

there has been much to cheer me today - walking TT to school and having a chat about playing tig in the playground, my sheer brilliance at work, coming home to discover the ball of yarn needed for TT's pullover had arrived courtesy of Liz (with a lovely little pincushion too, thanks, Liz!), being asked to do another story sack based on this and some of the other stained glass at cameron house, and a comment from [profile] natalie_tyy  telling me that positive is right.

my good mood was somewhat damped by having to hang around the not very inspiring crags sports centre while TT played club golf and trying to keep Nico from running down to speak to the persons loitering with bottles in brown paper bags. oh and avoiding all the dogshit at the same time. Next week we may just drop Thomas off and go somewhere else. TT had a great time though. even though it turns out it did actually start last week. the dates were wrong on the sheet i got, but i obviously should have known that. ho hum. we had fun last wednesday afternoon so i'm not exactly bothered that we missed it.

how did it get to be wednesday again already? i go into hospital 2 weeks today. but tonight i will be knitting and drinking wine at Oz bar.
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i did 3 hours and 40 minutes today, so i've done some overtime already...

sat in staff meeting for first 2 hours, so i have now seen all the faces, but only have a clye aboutr a few of the names. there are 38 staff. school is in a deprived area, so gets a few extra bods.

i was not imagining that there might be problems with me being parachuted in to do stuff that the current admin staff have not been doing. head teacher is aware that i willo have to build bridges and work to be part of the team.

job will be interesting for a while, have to build filing systems, get other systems going, but then i'm not sure. i think the HT is looking for some PA work, even though that's not the job title. we'll have to see how it goes. i don't want to be just a filing clerk, even if that is what the pay scale is!

back tomorrow morning at 8.40. wednesday i start when i get there, as it's the first day of primary 3.
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i am having a major wibble about the new job and am planning on going to knitting tomorrow afternoon where i am hoping some of y local friends might come along and tell me that i am absolutely normal, and to have another glass of wine.


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