Apr. 29th, 2008 02:46 pm
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i don't have a spinning usericon, so i'll just appropriate the rotating sewing one for a moment...

remember how i said that i didn't think that i had caught the spinning bug? because the wheel has been sat here, unused and unhankered for for a few weeks.

um, I think I got the hang of it today. i must have listened better to [livejournal.com profile] eastofedin today, becasue i got it. i was spinning yarn. and it wasn't particularly over twisted.

yep. i got the hang of it. better be careful. must not look on ebay.. must not look on ebay
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i made a crochet wire thing earlier this month, and it didn't work, it was supposed to be a beaded necklace, but wasn't heavy enough. so i thought i might make it into something else. so i think i might use it to embellish a bag. so i needed to buy some white fabric. i went to remnant kings and got almost a metre of sparkly organza for 91p, some bog standard curtain lining, which will be excellent for lining bags for £1. and some white fake linen for less than £2. and a big piece of white lycra for £4. it was priced at £7 something, which was half price, but it was a bit dirty, so I asked, and got it for £4. it will make fantastic knickers, or swimsuit lining, not quite sure what to use it for, it will stay in the stash for a while, I guess.

i want the house to myself to do the sewing though, i can't really work unless i'm on my own. don't want an audience.

never mind, i'm going spinning tomorrow.

i've uploaded a few pictures to flickr today, took ages, the wireless connection we have is so much crap. must try and lean how to fixc it.

and over the course of today, i have eaten 8 chocolates from a thorntons box. ooops.

i've done the first leg on my elijah, he needs to be done by about a week on wednesday.

speaking of a week on Wednesday, the parent council thing i was going to has been cancelled, so i will be able to go to knitting, two weeks in a row, hooray!

i have much more to say, but i have had 3 glasses of wine, and as a result, i need my bed more than i need to update LJ!

but i have remembered today that i really do enjoy my children. no more no less, i just enjoy them.
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we had a purple pork casserole for tea. becasue i needed to use the beetroot that came last week, and was still shaming me in the fridge drawer.

it was really nice, a bit labour intensive since i did lots of frying off of ingredients before puttng it in the oven, but it was worth it. really earthy flavour from the beetroot and the pork was very tender. main ingredients were pork, beetroot, onions, horseradish and a half jar of cranberry sauce.

and i had a play with the spinning wheel today and coincidentally, the roving in the bag i found was in shades of purple.

i think there's a bit of purple in TT's sock, and that's what i'm going to concentrate on now.

i'm trying to talk Bill into trimming off my long(er) hair. i have enough of a head covering now that i'd rather it was all the same length. he's supposed to take pictures too. so we can remember this. not sure why i want to, but i think i do.

but what i really need right now is cake. and there isn't any.

knitting is on sunday this weekend - who is going?
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a spinning wheel! on loan from the Princess, aka [livejournal.com profile] eastofedin's daughter.

ahem. how did that happen?

i innocently went out to join [livejournal.com profile] eastofedin at the haddington spinners morning, innocently clutching a bag of roving, and some knitting. and i have come home with the loan of a wheel, many many gifts of yarny goodness, and a loaf of Sue's very yummy ginger cake. (would anyone think the worse of me when I confess that I have hidden the ginger cake in my very own secret cake and cookie stash?

so i may have missed *most* of Skipnorth 2008, but not all of it.

i do love my friends.


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