Jan. 12th, 2009

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Happy New Year, from all 4 of us. everything goes fine all day, and then it all falls apart. off for chemo number 6 this morning. well, i guess it had to happen eventually. well, i don't know if anyone else I know is going, but in my current spirit of getting the most out of life... I have bought myself a ticket for the I KNit Day & the Yarn Harlot in London on 6 September. Today I found myself holding back tears at the Singing Club show, thinking that it was probably the last one we were going to be at. Hope you and your mum and dad are having a great day! Oh dear. so' i've not got carpal tunnel, it's the other one, the nerve that runs through the elbow. the oncologist called today. we saw a fantastic house today - and the estate agent's name? someone nearby (but they could live in any of about 6 streets, it's hard to tell the way the houses are laid out) started playing the radio at the most earsplitting volume imaginable at about 6.00PM.


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