Feb. 12th, 2009

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So here are lots of random thoughts. Also, my fingertips are too big for typing fast on this here iPod.

I've just been told Not to move my hand. I used to knit with the bloody thing in. I'm not feeling the love, you know?

So it's shaping up to be an interesting day. I stopped to let pedestrians cross the road this morning on the way to the hospital and got rear ended (by a White van, of course) for my troubles. The car is fine and so am I. Well, my neck is a little stiff but that's normal. I couldn't face having to go to the police station for a little scratch on the bumper. The White van man apologised, so I should be thankful for that. Why does the iPod insist on capitalising the word White?

Now I have another 55 minutes of herceptin then another 10-15 minutes while they take BP etc. I should be out of here by noon.

Evev after the contretemps with the car this morning, my blood pressure was still only 110/60 no wonder I have dizzy spells.

Kids' bookswap this afternoon. Hope the boys have managed to come up with some books for it, I've organised it, so we have to show willing!

This stuff is cold. The saline they put in first isn't, but herceptin is kept in the fridge, and I can feel it chilling its way up my arm. Weird.

It's relatively clear today. I can see the mountains behind the front range today. I can see snow! But it will be 30 degrees here in the city again today. Now that bill is home we might go for a drive up to the mountains at the weekend. I forgot to mention that bill is home, didn't I? Does that mean I'm getting used to it?

I'm hungry, and they're eating sushi on the telly. Bastards.

Sushi is good, cheap and plentiful here. If only they didn't put cream cheese in all of it. Still, I might pick up some supermarket sushi on the way home for lunch.

I quite like the way people greet each other here. With a peck on the cheek. It's nice, but I really can't get my head round greeting my oncologist that way. I used to get a handshake and a smile, you know? But then Dr Hayward was such a nice guy that I wouldn't have minded. I don't get the peck on chhek greeting from the chemo nurses yet, but maybe that's because I'm too much trouble! Now that I'm "allowed" to soak my hand in hot water things work a lot easier.

There's no watershed on the telly here. And they don't bother to bleep stuff out when it's in English. So why was I surprisedwhen the radio played amy winehouse's f*ck me pumps in its entirety. I was alone in car at the time, luckily. Might just stick to CDs and the iPod when the boys are with me. T

I'm still not having a lot of luck findind decent music here. The radio only plays 80's stuff. I end up relying on iTunes to make suggestions. We should use the Internet radio for more than just listening to the Today Programme.

Ok this fingertip typing is getting tedious. Back to the Spanish lesson application for a while.

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