Mar. 20th, 2009

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back from another food shopping expedition with Jennifer.

today we went to a mostly Japanese shop. they also had some Thai and Chinese stuff, but mostly Japanese.

it was tiny, but they packed in a fair amount. it was cash only or I would have spent more.

I bought sesame oil, how had i not bought any before now? citrus flavoured soy sauce - I mean, who woulnd't, it just sounds too good. oh, and "sweet rice" which i'm hoping will do for rice pudding - much as we love rice pudding, I think that using arborio rice for it is a step too far.

what else? oh green curry paste, and lime leaves. I think that may have been all. I thought about some frozen wontons, but wasn't sure if I had enough cash, and I'm not up to the embarrassment of not having suffucuent cash in spanish yet!

prior to the shopping we had gone for a coffee, at the Cafe of the Museo de la Moda. They seemed surprised to see anyone at 10.20, but thy brought us coffee, and little chocolate things. and Vivi had fun rearranging the chairs, and we watched as many people with cameras and three or four very glamourous young women arrived and moved some more chairs and set up tripods around a table which they covered with a cloth of stars. We left before we figured out the object though. I didn't feel glamourous enough to be there. but i will go back to go around the museum though, history of fashion stuff is very much my thing.

anyway, on the way home i had to go to the regular supermercado, so picked myself up some sushi for lunch. once you get used to the cream cheese they add, it's really quite nice. and the avocado. mmmm.

something stir-fried for tea, I think.


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